TANGIPAHOA PARISH, La. — Emergency responders in Tangipahoa Parish are encouraging everyone to sign up for the Smart 911 system in the parish

Officials say it can be life saving if you're in a situation where you can't talk.

Go on line and register your address, phone number, names of family members, family pictures, pets and medical history. You can also give a floor plan and car description at your home or business.

This is for everyone, but also helps people who have disabilities.

"It gives us a lot better location with the cell phone, because a lot of people have done away with their land line phones now and don't guarantee, we can't guarantee we're going to find you on a cell phone any more," said Dennis Darouse, the Director of the 911 Tangipahoa Communications District. 

"We have an easier way with the 911 system of knowing ahead of time that they are hearing impaired, and that tells us five seconds sooner, hey, use that hearing impaired device. Let's help them. If they don't respond through that, you're able to text," said Tangipahoa 911 Operator Chelsea Herrington.

Operators say they know immediately where you are, even without speaking, and the location map comes up more quickly.  Terrebonne, Lafourche, St. Helena and Calcasieu are the only other parishes that have the smart system as well.

Register for Smart 911 here.