It's been nearly two decades since Botox hit the market, becoming the number one cosmetic procedure in the U.S.

But now there's a new kid on the block, nicknamed NewTox. So is this competitor better? Will it cost less? 

We talked to the first doctor and patient who tried it five years ago when it was tested in New Orleans.

Yvette LeBreton Bono knows that the sun damage of her youth caught up with her.

When asked if she sunbathed growing up, she replied, "Yes. We did the oil treatment and laid out in the sun."

So about 10 years ago, she started using Botox for the lines in her forehead.

"The wrinkles, like makeup gets stuck in there when you have the deep wrinkles," said Bono of her lines before the injections. 

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So five years ago, she was one the first people to try Jeuveau when her dermatologist, Dr. Mary Lupo was asked to investigate it in a clinical trial.

Lupo says Jeuveau is just recently FDA approved and on the market. It allows doctors to give patients yet another option.  

"Perhaps Botox or Dysport or Xeomin didn't give them everything they wanted. They now have the option to try this new drug, which in clinical trial performed beautifully. And in studies both in Canada and in Europe, it actually outperformed Botox in head to head comparisons," said Lupo, a board-certified dermatologist in New Orleans. 

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It outperformed the neuromodulator Botox by five percent, Lupo said. Yvette believes Jeuveau lasts on her a little longer than Botox, by around a month more.

"No down time. You can see the results the next day. I had no bruising, so like whatever events I could just go to and not have to worry about, come in on lunch break or whatever," said Bono.  

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Lupo says results are showing up a few days faster with the new product. It's used to smooth the forehead, crows' feet on the corner of the eyes, neck banding, wrinkles around the mouth, chin dimpling and jaw-clenching, and raising the eyebrows. 

Lupo also says a natural look is dependent on having an experienced injector who does not over do it. The hope is this new competitor will drive prices down and get new and even young people to try it to prevent wrinkles before they are etched in.

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"All four of them are extremely safe, extremely effective, and have very high patient satisfaction," Lupo said about all the neuromodulators on the market. "This is the procedure that even men will do."  

And it's one Yvette will keep doing, but now with sunscreen every day. 

The price varies depending on how much is used and the skill of the doctor injecting it.  It is recommended that a board-certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon who has experience perform the procedure to avoid side effects. 

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