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Law firm suspended after flooding Louisiana courts with 'fraudulent' cases

Judge Michael North in New Orleans accused MMA of running two separate “schemes” in a “brazen, multi-faceted campaign to enrich themselves"

David Hammer / Eyewitness Investigator

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Published: 6:59 PM CDT May 2, 2023
Updated: 11:03 AM CDT May 3, 2023

The Houston-based law firm started by pushing the bounds of good taste on social media.

In August 2022, McClenny Moseley & Associates’ Louisiana managing partner William Huye, barely into his 30s and sporting a wide-eyed grin, bragged in a Facebook marketing video that he “broke the Western District” federal court by filing 1,800 Hurricane Laura insurance lawsuits in four days.

The firm’s other young employees in MMA’s New Orleans office appeared in the same video drinking daiquiris as they supposedly worked on the heavy caseload.

In December, Zach Moseley, now entering his mid-30s as MMA’s founding partner, took to YouTube in a Houston office building to proclaim his firm is really “a technology company” that’s “doing things that have never been done, in quantities that have never been done.

“We are helping more people than have ever been helped by a plaintiff's attorney in the history of the storm,” he said in an interview with roofing industry YouTuber Dmitry Lipinskiy.

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