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Scammers are using fake IDs, forged documents to sell vacant lots they don't own

The proliferation of online real estate transactions, in which computerized signatures replace ink-on-paper sale agreements, is fueling a rise in scams.

David Hammer / Eyewitness Investigator

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Published: 6:46 PM CST February 28, 2023
Updated: 10:16 PM CST February 28, 2023

A new real estate scam is sweeping the country, hitting the New Orleans housing market especially hard in the last few weeks.

Scammers have stolen the identity of at least seven property owners and used fake documents to try to sell their land out from under them, according to a local title company that has documented the cases and worked to combat the scam. Anecdotally, real estate brokers and agents reported additional cases of attempted fraud to WWL-TV in recent weeks.

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