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'They were not raised that way' - Deadly carjacking devastates two families

Jeannot Plessy’s death in November 2018 came at a time when her life had undergone a renaissance

Katie Moore / Eyewitness News

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Published: 9:25 PM CST November 11, 2022
Updated: 10:22 PM CST November 11, 2022

When pastor Jeannot Plessy was murdered in her driveway, run over by a teen-age carjacker and left to die in the street, it devastated two families: Plessy’s and the family of Jontrell Robinson, the young man who admitted to killing her.

Three teens were convicted for their respective roles in the Plessy murder, Jontrell, his brother, BoAvanti Robinson and their cousin, Edwin Cottrell. But the story didn’t end with the signing of their guilty pleas. It took an ironic and tragic turn in May of this year when BoAvanti was killed in a car crash, left to die in the street by two of his friends.

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