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Mom loses 2 kids in 2 years to New Orleans gun violence

Hishaunda Riles surrounded her kids with love. She was determined to shield them from the violence that hit her.

Mike Perlstein / Eyewitness Investigator

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Published: 9:03 PM CDT October 28, 2022
Updated: 8:40 PM CDT October 29, 2022

Hishaunda Riles lives for her three children. Hasaan, the oldest, was followed by his brother Harrell, who was followed by their baby sister Ty’Shaunda.

“If I don't give Ty'Shaunda what she asks, she'll have a little temper tantrum,” Hishaunda Riles said with a loving smile.

Growing up as the only girl of the three kids, Ty'Shaunda may have been a little spoiled. She loved clothes and jewelry. But she grew into a beautiful and poised young woman, a Tik Tok princess who became an expert in fashion, hair and makeup. Her large pack of cousins and friends call her Tyddy.

“We love us some Tyddy, baby. Yes, Lord, her glamorous style, everything,” said her cousin Yannie Carter at Ty’Shaunda’s birthday party on Oct. 15.

Despite Riles' financial struggles working as a housekeeper and food server, the family, especially Ty’Shaunda, dreamed big: college, careers, a better life.

“Very respectable young lady. I always taught all of them, even at that age, yes ma'am, no sir,” Riles said.

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