TERRYTOWN, La. -- Ronald Gasser was issued a summons 10 years ago after beating a man at a gas station near the same spot where he shot Joe McKnight on Thursday.

According to information released Friday evening by the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office, Gasser was involved in an incident on Feb. 20, 2006, around 3:30 p.m. that began on Holiday Drive in New Orleans and ended in the service station at the intersection of Holmes Boulevard and Berhman Highway in Terrytown.

The altercation between McKnight and Gasser also ended at Holmes and Behrman.

Gasser was interviewed by the Sheriff's Office after shooting McKnight following an alleged road rage altercation, but was released later in the evening. The JPSO is still investigating the matter.

The incident between McKnight and Gasser also started in New Orleans.

In the 2006 incident, a 51-year-old Marrero man called 911 in Jefferson Parish to report that a "male subject was driving a red pick-up truck unsafely on Holiday Drive," according to the Sheriff's Office. The man also called a number on the side of truck to report if the truck was being driven unsafely.

"When the victim called the phone number, an individual, later identified as Ronald Gasser told the victim he was the one driving the red pick up truck. A verbal altercation began between the victim and Gasser at that time," said the sheriff's office.

The man pulled in the gas station and was filling his vehicle, when Gasser, "who had followed him into the station, confronted him and began to strike him with a closed fist several times.

After doing so, the victim reported Gasser drove out of the service station, at which time he called 911, the Sheriff's Office said.

Later Gasser was issued a misdemeanor summons for simple battery. The charge of simple battery was later dismissed.

"We will continue to research this matter in order to determine the reason for the dismissal," the Sheriff's Office said.