NEW ORLEANS — Hundreds of furloughed workers made their way to the Ruby Slipper Café Thursday for a free hot meal.  

The café is offering free meals to those impacted by the government shutdown. The café chain made the announcement Monday night, and since it has seen more than 475 workers come in for a free meal at their Mid-City location. 

One guest left behind a note Wednesday after their meal. The note read, “This was my first meal out since furlough started. Thank you.”

The Ruby Slipper Café covered the customer’s bill and another guest, who found out she was furloughed covered her tip to the staff. The café says since the chain opened at 7 a.m., the Ruby Slipper Café has seen about 125 furloughed workers Thursday.

WWL-TV spoke with one Department of Homeland Security worker, Roman Maney, and he thanked the café for their help.

"I think it's a great community outreach that they're doing for us so far. I know that all of the officers and the agents I work with, attorneys, appreciate this as somebody taking notice of what we're doing and what's going on in the country today,” Maney said.

Federal workers who wish to claim their free meal have to bring in a valid federal ID or business car with them.

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