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Never Miss A Car Recall With These Sites

There are tens of millions of recalled cars on the roads. Don't have one of them.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — According to carfax, there are 57 million vehicles on the road right now that have some sort of recall. And that's because a lot of them don't even know there is a recall on their car. 

That's why consumer reports put together several ways to make sure you're notified. 

First, make sure your registration is up to date. Automakers use state registration data to mail out notifications.

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You can also try to reach out to your manufacturer directly. Some automakers like Toyota offer to contact owners directly if there's a recall.  

You can also subscribe to email alerts from the National highway traffic safety administration. They'll reach out if cars in your make and model have a recall. 

Carfax will also do something similar and all they need is your license plate information.

But what if your car already has a recall? You can check that online as well. Just grab your VIN number and click this link.

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