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Historical society wants you to help write Idaho's COVID-19 history

State historians seeking stories of everyday people from "ages eight to 80."

BOISE, Idaho — Unusual. Uncertain. Unprecedented.

Those are three terms we've seen and heard about the current situation in our nation and world because of the COVID-19 coronavirus.

Here's another one: History.

Right now, we're all living what will be history to future generations - as long as someone collects and preserves records of what's happening.

That's why the Idaho State Historical Society is asking for your help.

Maybe you're keeping a journal or posting about your experiences and feelings on social media. On the other hand, you may be wondering where to start.

Either way, the historical society invites you to share your story, and help write part of Idaho's history.

Here are some examples of what the historical society is looking for:

"What has changed in your life? How are you feeling? What types of questions are your children asking you? Has this crisis changed how and how often you communicate with your family and friends?"

Hannelore Hein, Idaho's state historian, said a variety of perspectives is what makes history so interesting.

"The Historical Society is not going to have access to the Twitter, and the Facebook pages 100 years from now," Hein said. "But we will be able to track and maintain records that we as an agency collect ... that was really the idea behind putting together this initiative and specifically about individual stories and everyday people." 

It was about 100 years ago when Idaho and much of the world went through the deadly Spanish Flu pandemic.

"They responded much in the same way that we're responding today. Providing clear and, kind of, calming language about this. Something that we're managing, you're handling through this, and then responding with necessary resources to come back to this for the safety and the benefit of all," Hein said. "I hope, in soliciting submissions for your experiences, we're really helping to kind of strengthen that sense of ... community and remind everyone that we are all in this together."

Submissions don't need to be exclusively about coronavirus. As we found out on March 31, the earth didn't stop moving as the pandemic was unfolding.

"This is going to be one of those things I know, 100 years from now, they'll say, 'Yeah, they had an earthquake, one of the biggest earthquakes ever (for Idaho) and guess what, that was during the pandemic,'" Hein said.

The historical society has an online form where you can submit your story.

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