DENHAM SPRINGS – Approximately 90 percent of the homes in Denham Springs have taken on water in a flood of historic and devastating proportions, according to Mayor Gerard Landry.

Highway 190 in Denham Springs, the main thoroughfare in the city of Denham Springs, has been washed out by the floodwaters.

Landry estimated that only 7 businesses in the city were open for business. Aerial photos and videos showed much of the city still under water. Among the homes that took on water was the mayor's place.

"It's just devastating," he said. "You see nothing but water."

City Hall and the police department were among the places under water.

Adding insult to the injury, the vast majority of those in the area didn't have flood insurance.

As of 1 p.m. Monday, water continued to rush over the highway, though it was much lower than before. However, the DOTD says that the road has suffered physical damage and it will have to be repaired before it can handle travel again, something that could set its use back for quite a while.