A bakery in Abita Springs has yet to figure out why they hear noises that can't be explained and why their supplies are mysteriously moved.

Jan Liggett recalls how she found the place to lease for Maple Street Bakery.

"When I found this place for rent, when I met up with the real estate agent and when she told me the price you know I thought that can't be right," Liggett said.

Liggett told Eyewitness News, the few businesses before hers were too scared to stay long. She recalls the insurance agent before her.

"One time a cop came in and told me that when she was here, their alarm went off and when he came by to check it out, the blinds were going up and down by themselves."

But she knew even before signing the lease what she was getting into.

"You know I was excited about opening the business so I kinda tried to ignore a lot of things."

Liggett and other family members would later find out some things were hard to ignore.

"Before we opened up, my husband woke up in the middle of the night, he wasn't much to believe in you know, and I asked him, "Why he got up?' and he said the whole bed was shaking."

"There would be sometimes at night I would hear little whispers and little voices," Connor Liggett, Jan's son said.

Both mom and son have noticed the presence of a particular man in the late hours.

"And he just kept staring, just kept looking, by the coffee and all the lights were off, and I kept thinking okay I'm seeing things, but when I went back to look at him again, he was still there."

Eyewitness News reached out to Vanessa Hogle a psychic visiting from Oklahoma. Nothing was said to her of the building's history before she arrived.

"5'7 - 5'8, bless him with the little comb-over, wear his britches up tall."

Hogle says there's a man named Charles hanging around. He might have been a patient when the building was a convalescent home, or a resident when it was just a house.

"And in that closet right there it would get really cold and dark," Connor Liggett said.

"I don't sense anything negative at all, I do believe what ran up on the porch and ran back was the victim of the accident that happened about a quarter of a mile that way," Hogle said.

Hogle believes there's nothing to fear, and even suggested the Liggetts acknowledge Charles out of courtesy.

It's possible the ghosts have taken a liking to food because, despite the spooky things that have happened, they have stayed busy for seven years.

"A lot of my customers would say that. Gah, it doesn't surprise me because it smells awesome in here."