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After contest, Monkey Hill Apparel changes its name

NEW ORLEANS - A local businesswoman has finally decided on a name after a trademark issue forced her to make changes to her children’s clothing company.

Laura McPhail works with some of her favorite clothing models, including her son, at the booth in Zele's where she sells the New Orleans themed children's clothing she designs. The past month has seen the most amazing outpouring of support in her business career.

"Just one of the most incredible months of my life the outpouring of support and all the people that want to help, it's been really amazing, and my sales have gone through the roof," she said.

McPhail named her clothing line Monkey Hill Apparel, which she thought no one else was using, until she received a letter last month from a Virginia clothing store with a trademark for a similar name. McPhail decided not to fight; instead she held an online contest to find a new name, and it went viral.

"It's not about the name," McPhail said last month. "It's about the kids being comfortable and having awesome stuff to wear, so I put it out to all my awesome customers, let's name it, let's take out Virginia lemons and make Louisiana Lemonade."

After WWL-TV’s story, McPhail said she had an incredible outpouring of support, and got over 500 name.

The new name? Bon Temps Boutique.

“When we got the email, we just thought it was an incredible name,” McPhail said. “It just feels right, it feels like it is part of our culture, it sounds good to me.

The contest was won just in time for McPhail’s new designs to debut in May.

"This name encompasses everything that Monkey Hill did," she said. "It's fun, it's kids, it's New Orleans, and it's a good time."

You can find the new Bon Temps Boutique website at http://www.bontempsboutique.com

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