NEW ORLEANS -- A warning on social media is going viral directed at pet owners in one New Orleans neighborhood. Raw meat was found dumped in a yard, raising concern about possible poisoning, and surveillance video shows the delivery man carrying an armful of goods. Now the case is being investigated by the Louisiana SPCA to make sure no foul play is involved.

In this Mid-City backyard Marc Dashevsky and his dog, Bo, get to spend quality playtime together. On Tuesday the duo were on their way out when something unusual happened.

“So I go to the car, open the door, and Bo isn't coming,” said Dashevsky.

Bo's attention was focused elsewhere.

“I look at him over here sniffing at something. It turned out to be essentially a pound of steak strips, maybe four or five different strips on the ground there,” said Dashevsky.

The dog owner says in the nearly 5-years he's lived in the 400 block of S. Rendon Street raw meat has never mysteriously appeared in his yard. His gut reaction was to put the meat in the refrigerator and call the Louisiana SPCA, which confirms the steak strips were sent off for analysis on Thursday.

“This is a red flag and immediately thought it was an attempt to poison. I also thought it could be misguided neighbor,” said Dashevsky.

The Louisiana SPCA says it has sent officers out to the neighborhood, and they're working to try and identify the man captured on security cameras.

Project Nola posted a warning to pet owners about the discovery on its Facebook page. Surveillance cameras recently installed on this house captured video of the steak strip delivery man.

Project Nola's policy is to not release video in on-going investigations. Its Facebook post describes the man as white, about 35 years old, with medium length brown hair, wearing a striped tank top, shorts, and carrying several bags.

“Why would somebody do that? Why would you just drop random rancid meat in people's yards,” said Stacey Labit-Moorehead who lives nearby.

This mom says with a little girl in her household who likes to play outside, she plans on keeping an extra watchful eye on the ground.

“I’ll probably inspect the back yard before I let her just run in it,” said Labit-Moorehead.

While this pet lover waits to hear back from investigators on whether or not foul play was part of the raw mystery meat equation, he's grateful Bo didn't take a bite.

“Fortunately, he was a little hesitant. He was sniffing and curious, it was hard to get his attention from them,” said Dashevsky.

If you live in the area and found strips of steak in your yard earlier this week, you're asked to contact the Louisiana SPCA. No word on when those test results are expected to come back.