BATON ROUGE -- Deputy Nick Tullier, one of the East Baton Rouge sheriff's deputies wounded in an ambush attack in 2016, is back in the ICU with pnumonia in both of his lungs.

According to a Facebook post from Tullier's family, doctors found pneumonia in both of his lungs after they brought him to the emergency room due to continued breathing problems.

"To point out the cause would be trying to determine which came first, chicken or the egg," the post read. "Not sure if during the most recent seizure, Nick could have aspirated, thereby causing pneumonia."

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Tullier's family asked for prayers to aid his healing process and to protect all members of the law enforcement community.

"Please continue to Pray for ALL Members of the Blue Family including Nick; All Warriors of God. Continue to Pray for Our Military and All First Responders wherever they may be. Pray ALL return home safely to their families when their shift or tour is over."

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