BAY ST. LOUIS – A day after Hurricane Nate hit, some people are breathing a sigh of relief now that the storm has moved past the region.

From washing up boats on top of decks, to even some sinking and leaving behind a mess of diesel fuel, some boaters were really lucky in Pass Christian.

Boaters were trying to get their boat back on the water after Nate pushed it ashore.

"It's great man, I love it cause that's our life that is his pride and joy," the boater said.

Meanwhile business owners in Bay St. Louis are grateful the storm had minimal impact and are were gearing up on Sunday to reopen for the week.

"It feels great didn't want to go through that again," James Hamilton, business owner, said.

Others were already back up and running just hours after Nate passed.

"There's been people in here all day," business owner Ray Murphy said.

"We're all about the locals but we like the tourists but we cater to the locals and we'll take the tourist's money and show them a good time," Murphy said.