METAIRIE, La. -- An ongoing feud between controversial tow truck driver "Big Lee" Martin and his neighbor ended in bloodshed Saturday when that neighbor allegedly shot and killed Martin outside his home.

The shooting happened in the 600 block of Bonnabel Boulevard around 11 a.m.

Sheriff Joe Lopinto said the suspect is a neighbor of Martin's, who had an ongoing feud with him. The New Orleans Advocate identified the neighbor has 78-year-old Wayne Higgins, who owned the home next to Martin for years.

Wayne Higgins/Image via Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office
Wayne Higgins/Image via Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office

"It had been an ongoing feud for over ten years," Lopinto said. "They'd fight nonstop about anything and everything."

Officials said a video investigators obtained showed the neighbor backing out of his driveway while Martin was watering his palm trees. Lopinto said Martin sprayed the hose at the pickup truck, and the two men apparently began to argue. That's when Martin reportedly sprayed the hose into the truck, and Lopinto said the neighbor fired one shot at him.

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Lopinto said at that point, Martin ran towards his house but collapsed in the driveway, where he died.

Martin claimed he was untouchable by law enforcement, but had multiple run-ins with officers over the years.

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Martin was arrested in November 2017 after he allegedly hit a woman with the back of his tow truck on purpose.

Martin was also issued a summons in August 2013 for disturbing the peace at a Kenner shopping center.

Police said a man accused Martin of threatening him and claim Lee tried to tow away his vehicle while the man was still inside the car.

Two months later, a woman Martin hired to do paperwork at his towing office alleged he walked up behind her and began to fondle and grab at her breasts.

The woman also told police Martin threw her on a bed in the back of the office and had sex with her.

However, no charges were ever filed in the case after Martin provided investigators with a video they said cast doubt on the rape claim.

Records also indicate Martin was arrested on a simple battery charge in November 2015.

Authorities said Martin went to the office of Rock and Roll Towing, a rival tow-truck company, where the manager claims Martin threatened to beat him up -- then punched him in the face.

Martin pleaded guilty to the charge and received 12 months of probation.