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Billboard near I-10 targeted at new crime cameras

The group says they launched the billboard in order to bring awareness to the crime cameras with the flashing blue and red light.

NEW ORLEANS - Drive down I-10 towards Metairie and look towards the sky. A couple of feet in the air near Poydras and North Galvez you will notice a large eye staring down at you, seeing everything and sending you the message: "They're Watching Ya'll."

A bold statement targeting the recently installed crime cameras throughout New Orleans.

"They're tracking us, so we wanted people to know that," organizer Brunisha Jones with Peace by Piece said.

The billboard comes from the group "Peace by Piece" on the website stopwatchingnola.org. The group says they launched the billboard in order to bring awareness to these cameras with the flashing blue and red light.

Earlier this year, the Landrieu administration installed the cameras, which are linked to the real-time monitoring center. The former Mayor said it's part of a city-wide plan to increase safety.

However, those who organized this billboard feel the cameras are a violation of your privacy. They also believe it target brown and Black communities.

"I feel like it makes the Black community, the Black and brown community, the youth especially, makes us already feel like we're targeted," Jones said.

On the website, crime camera spotters can also post the camera's location.

"The city told us the camera's location was not given (to the) public. It wasn't public information. So, we wanted to launch this so that it can be public," Jones said.

"What's the invasion? What's the privacy. There's no privacy outside right?" Mike Khalil said.

Mike Khalil is the manager of Wagner's Meat Market in the Bywater. He wants the cameras to stay where they are.

He says it keeps his store safe. In the last six years, he's owned the store, he had about four robberies. Now things are a lot calmer.

"We had to hire two or three workers. Now, we got one or two. 'Cause it's safe," Khalil said.

"Nothing's private when you're in public," Bywater resident Dan Weakley said.

Weakley and his friend Tommie feel the cameras improve the area.

"I catch the bus 5:00 in the morning going into work. The bus stop right there. I ain't got a be scared no more. I know big brother in the sky."

Last month, NOPD told Eyewitness News the deployment and location of the cameras was a tactical decision, and they don't discuss specific locations that may or may not be under consideration.

The city also says they're committed to the crime camera program.