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Brees' words after record-breaking night inspires others

Brees showed vulnerability through tears, gratefulness to many others and the importance of being a team player.

Monday night, millions of football fans saw Saints quarterback Drew Brees break the all-time NFL passing record.

But what people and sports writers are talking about Tuesday is what he said on the sidelines to his children and after the game in an interview.

So why are his words are resonating with so many?

"I love you guys so much," Brees said. "You can accomplish anything in life if you are willing to work for it."

Brees told his children on the sidelines.

"Nothing's given, everything's earned. God has equipped us for great works. I tell them that every night," he said post game to a reporter.

Those televised moments had fans talking.

"I was like, my heart just was racing and just was, I almost went in tears watching it. I saw a couple of fans when it did happen, they was in tears, so I was emotional too," said a man who watched the game.

"It's never been about him. It's always been about team. He's a great family man. It's just a great message for the country," said a man visiting from Colorado.

"The people around you, the ones that you love, your family and everything, you know, that's who you're doing it for. You're not really doing it for yourself," said a man who watched the game.

There are a few reasons the accomplished quarterback's words have people cheering, and getting national attention. The powerful image of supportive fatherhood, his ease of saying, 'I love you' in front of the world are just some. Clinical psychologist Dr. Michelle Moore says from birth to 5 years of age, this type of parenting is proven to grow a child's brain and IQ.

"There's no way to overwhelm a child with too much love. Giving them that support is what gives them the foundation to then go off and be brave little individuals when they're school age and adolescents," said Dr. Moore a Clinical Psychologist at LSU Health Sciences Center.

Brees showed vulnerability through tears, gratefulness to many others and the importance of being a team player.

"That's an empowering message that I think can take children and adults very far," she explained.

In a day when children get participation trophies, he showed working hard for many, many years, even when his height and injury brought doubt to some, pays off.

"That's a very different feeling from when you know you have put so much effort into something. That's also where the passion comes from and the drive and the motivation to keep going."

His words are inspirational messages for his family at home, and those who feel he's one of their own.

Dr. Moore says people relate to Drew Brees as an 'everyday' man and father with a family, and that makes them feel like they can accomplish great things too.

Meg Farris can be reached at mfarris@wwltv.com.

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