NEW ORLEANS -- Bywater residents are hopeful the old Naval Support Activity facility in the Upper 9th Ward will get new life soon.

The million and a half square foot campus has sat dormant since 2011 and Wednesday night residents heard from the future developers about the plans going forward.

EMDRC Partners, LLC., is looking forward to signing the lease with the city.

Lead developer Joseph Jaeger said the trick will be making sure the design is reflective of the community.

"I'm trying to give them a vision and get them to help us develop a vision, and I really want input on what they don't want," Jaeger said.

Not much can be said about what's in store for the 25-acre complex, but right now, plans indicate the building will have commercial, residential and retail space.

For some residents, the meeting was too vague.

Eppy Livaccari lives across the street from the facility.

"We have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly in our neighborhood," Lavaccari said. "I'm sure this project would be good but the amount of information released tonight wasn't much to begin with."

Others had questions about jobs and what will happen with the rest of the neighborhood.

"Traffic is going to be a bad. What is the economic development going to look like? And what about jobs?," Katherine Prevost, a Bywater resident, said.

The developer said signing the lease will be the next step, but there isn't a timeline on when that will happen. Until then, they will continue to have more community meetings.