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Californians rent truck, deliver thousands of water bottles to Austin

"Don't let me catch you cussin' any Californians ever again," said Austin City Councilmember Natasha Harper-Madison.

AUSTIN, Texas — It's time to send some thanks to Regina Carpinelli and Chris Petroff!

According to Austin City Councilmember Natasha Harper-Madison, these selfless Californians went out of their way to drive from Los Angeles to Austin with a truck full of essentials – much-needed bottled water.

"Don't let me catch you cussin' any Californians ever again," said the councilmember. "Regina and Chris here drove *all the way* from L.A. in a box truck bursting at the seams with bottles of water. Honorary Austinites in my book, now and forever."

According to a Reddit user, the couple collected $5,000, rented a truck, filled it with 11,000 bottles of water and drove it to Austin.

"I was volunteering at the Millennium Complex yesterday – these folks rolled in with a rented Ryder truck so over-filled with supplies that it looked like it was going to tip over," the Redditor said. "They're just some people who watched the news and wanted to help, so they collected money from their friends and some celebrities (including Elvira, Mistress of the Dark), rented the truck, and hit every Walmart along the way to buy as much water as possible. We assured them that they were Californians who were welcome to move here any time they wanted."

If you're in need of drinkable water, click here for more information.

Carpinelli and Petroff have also started a GoFundMe to help raise money for those in need.


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