Crews dumped asphalt into a deep pothole at North Solomon and Conti streets in Mid-City on Friday evening as the city began to spend $5,000 granted to it by Domino’s Pizza.

The chain’s “Paving for Pizza” program brought smiles to the faces of those who watched a roller smooth the asphalt, but it also brought much-needed attention to the problems -- and solutions -- surrounding aging infrastructure, a serious problem.

“Infrastructure across the board … is a priority,” Mayor LaToya Cantrell said.

Cantrell, who was recently named vice chairwoman of the U.S. Conference of Mayors’ Infrastructure Task Force, said crumbling infrastructure is not just a local problem.

“Nationally, there was a poll recently that showed infrastructure was among the people's top priority,” she said.

And in New Orleans, the city’s famously bumpy roads are a major gripe.

The “Paving for Pizza” program will help to smooth 34 streets and seven intersections across the city, though the areas are close to Domino’s franchises. Private contractors will do the jobs.

The temporary fixes of asphalt patches are slowly giving way to more permanent repairs.

Cantrell said that the city has increased its spending of $2 billion from the fed to make street repairs.

“Under our watch, it's up to 27 percent. When we got here, it was 1 percent,” Cantrell said. “And so every single day we're pushing projects out and really seeing them come to fruition.”

Cantrell said that since she took office on May 7, the city has filled 13,613 potholes. Year to date, 28,991 potholes have been filled.

Locations where potholes will be filled as part of the “Paving for Pizza” program:

300-800 blocks of North Scott Street

100 block of North Cortez Street

600 block of North Murat Street

500 block of North Alexander Street

500 block of North Hennessey Street

500 block of North Carrollton Avenue

100-300 blocks of North Bernadotte Street

North Murat and Bienveille streets

North Solomon and Conti streets

4100-5000 blocks of Conti Street

500-600 blocks of St. James Street

1600 block of St. Thomas Street

Annunciation and Race streets

Orange and St. Thomas streets

5000 block of South Liberty Street

4900-5000 block of LaSalle Street

4700 block of Loyola Avenue

4700 block of Danneel Street

South Saratoga and Bordeaux streets

South Saratoga and Upperline streets

200 block of Upperline Street

4800-5000 blocks of Clara Street

2600 block of Robert Street

LaSalle and Valmont streets

2200 block of St. Claude Avenue

1200-1300 block of Elysian Fields Avenue

4200 block of Elysian Fields Avenue

2600 block of North Villere Street

2600 block of Marais Street

1100 block of Franklin Avenue

St. Ferdinand and North Roman streets

1600 block of Painters Street

2500 block of North Derbigny Street

4800-4900 blocks of Hauck Drive

4500 block of Schindler Drive

4800-4900 block of Schindler Drive

4500-4700 blocks of Coronado Drive

4600 block of Cardenas Drive

3900 block of Downman Road

4300 block of Downman Road

4500-4600 blocks of Downman Road

4800 block of Downman Road

6700 block of Downman Road

6900 block of Downman Road

7900 block of Downman Road

7700-7900 blocks of Alabama Street

6100 block of Hermes Street