Thanksgiving has been put on hold for many Saints fans ready for Thursday's game and businesses are planning on staying open to accommodate them. Bars that normally close on Thanksgiving say they will stay open for the Saints - Falcons game, and they're doing what they can to prepare.

"Cutting a lot of fruit, preparing a lot of cocktails, batching them up and making sure kegs are 50 percent full or more," Jason Alcott with Copper Vine Winepub said.

"We've gone for the last week or so and ordered a substantially high amount of product than we normally would," Chris Clinkenbeard with Lucy's Retired Surfer Bar said.

"Overstocking on a lot of beer would be the first thing you need to do," Harold Briscoe said at Vic's Kangaroo Cafe.

Thursday might be a holiday but bars that are normally closed on Thanksgiving couldn't resist the chance to open and cash in.

"Quite literally because of how big this game is," Clinkenbeard said.

And when the Saints are winning, local businesses are winning too.

"You can definitely tell a difference as far as sales and bartenders with their tips can tell when the Saints are doing well," Briscoe said.

"It's amounted to nearly double the amount of sales for the neighborhood and for us in particular, it's phenomenal, we're thriving," Clinkenbeard said.

Thursday it's going to be all hands on deck, so eat early or put your dinner plans on hold all together because it's all about the black and gold.

"It's gonna be a mad house in here, we're not gonna close until we have to," Clinkenbeard said.

Kickoff is at 7:20 p.m. Thursday and the bars in the area say they will be open before during and after the game to help you celebrate.

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