NEW ORLEANS – Mayoral candidate and businessman Frank Scurlock declared victory Wednesday when charges against him were dropped.

Scurlock was arrested May 6 at the Jefferson Davis statue in Mid-City. He was accused of assault and crossing a police cordon after he followed an officer near the monument who told him to back away.

The charges Scurlock faced were filed a day after his attorney, Thomas Robichaux, alleged that the officer who arrested Scurlock lied in a probable cause affidavit.

Ad hoc Judge Donald T. Johnson said a video of the encounter showed the officer was the aggressor, not Scurlock.

“There was no reason to charge Mr. Scurlock with anything, much less arrest him,” Scurlock’s attorney, Thomas Robichaux, said. He added that Scurlock’s rights to political speech, against false arrest and his to know the charges and confront his accusers were violated.

Scurlock, whose campaign promise is to “make New Orleans fun again,” said he was trying to talk to an officer to “help offset a potential disturbance between two opposing factions” at the statue before it was removed.