GENTILLY, New Orleans — Americans are preparing to celebrate to celebrate 243 years of independence on Thursday.

In this week’s Commentary, Eyewitness News Political Analyst and Gambit columnist Clancy DuBos offers his thoughts.

Winston Churchill once said that democracy is the worst form of government …except for all the others.

That pretty much sums up how most Americans feel about our democratic republic. As imperfect as it is, it’s one that generations have fought and died for.

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History teaches us that every generation of Americans faces an existential threat. As we face ours, we should recall the words of Ben Franklin, who was one of only seven people to sign both the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence.

Asked in 1787 what form of government the constitutional delegates had produced, Franklin replied, “A republic, if you can keep it.”

As we celebrate our independence, let’s not forget our duty to keep our republic.

“A republic, if you can keep it."