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Clancy: Senator John Kennedy seriously considering a run for governor

Louisiana Senator John Kennedy rocked the state’s political landscape yesterday when he announced he’s seriously considering a run for governor next year.

NEW ORLEANS — Senator John Kennedy has flirted with running for governor four times in the last 20 years but never made it to the post.

So why might this time be different? For starters, Kennedy has always wanted to be governor, and for him, it’s now or never. He turns 71 next week. Also, the Democrats will control the Senate for the next two years, so he won’t have much influence in Washington. Being governor is a nice way to end a political career.

On the other hand, being governor is hard work, which is not required of Senators. In recent years, Kennedy has been more a “show horse” than a “workhorse.” He has the brains and experience to be governor, but does he want to work that hard?

If Kennedy runs, he’ll be the favorite, so it all comes down to this: What does John Kennedy want to do for the next 4 or 8 years?

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