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Clancy: Williams verdict shows flaws in justice system

America's justice system is envied, but far from perfect.

NEW ORLEANS — America’s system of justice is envied the world over, but it’s far from perfect.

Sometimes, the government overreaches. 

And sometimes, a jury gets it wrong. Both appear to be the case for Jason Williams and Nicole Burdett. 

The feds went after Burdett solely to get at Williams, filing extra charges against her because she refused a plea deal. 

The jury acquitted them both on 10 counts related to Williams’ tax returns, but convicted Burdett of cheating on her own taxes. 

They used the same accountant, an admitted liar, who was the government’s main witness. The same facts, yet different outcomes.

It’s no wonder Burdett’s attorney, himself a former federal prosecutor, is asking Judge Lance Africk to overturn the jury’s verdict. 

Because even the best of systems is far from perfect.

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