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Clancy: With the S&WB, it's always something

The Sewerage and Water Board’s explanations for last Wednesday’s flood revealed the latest mishaps that continue to bedevil the agency.

NEW ORLEANS — It was like a scene out of Lemony Snicket: A series of unfortunate events. Or, for those of us in another generation, a riff on the old Saturday Night Live skit Roseanne Roseannadanna: It’s always somethin'.

Last Wednesday, as more than 8 inches of rain fell on parts of New Orleans, lightning strikes and other power issues took out pumps at several S&WB pumping stations — flooding parts of town that almost never flood.

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Thankfully, Tropical Storm Barry didn’t bring much more rain over the weekend. 

One takeaway from last week’s flood is the need for faster notice to the public when the city’s drainage system is overwhelmed. Because next time, we might not be so lucky.

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