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Clancy's Commentary: Addiction is a disease

The arrest of City Councilman Jared Brossett on a second city D-W-I charge has sidelined him at City Hall, and on the campaign trail.

NEW ORLEANS — Addiction is a disease. It takes a terrible toll not only on addicts, but also on their friends, families and colleagues. Sadly, almost every family and workplace knows someone fighting an addiction.

After his DWI arrest 14 months ago, Jared Brossett admitted he had a problem with alcohol. His latest DWI arrest, coming in the midst of a tough campaign for an at-large City Council seat, shows just how difficult the recovery process is. It takes the love and support of friends and family, but it starts with a commitment by the addict. 

Many addicts lapse. What’s most important is recommitting to recovery. That starts with admitting the problem again, and putting recovery first.

Brossett’s friends, colleagues and constituents are praying he makes that commitment.