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Clancy's Commentary: Cantrell should welcome NOPD audits, not oppose them

Mayor LaToya Cantrell was back in federal court today hoping to convince a federal judge to loosen the requirements of a federal consent decree regarding NOPD.

NEW ORLEANS — Mayor Cantrell wants federal Judge Susie Morgan to rescind her recent decision requiring top-to-bottom audits of NOPD. City cops have been operating under a federal consent decree for 10 years now, with Morgan overseeing every step.

Cantrell claims the department is at or near full compliance with the decree. Judge Morgan wants to see objective evidence of that. The mayor says that’s asking too much.

If Cantrell truly believes her claims of NOPD’s compliance, she should welcome the audits, not oppose them. A clean audit would not only be the strongest evidence of compliance, but also the fastest way to end the consent decree.

The mayor’s actions don’t match her words. Cops and citizens are paying the price.

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