(NEW ORLEANS) -- One Xavier student is considering legal action against a New Mexico store after he says he was discriminated against because of his race.

This week, the ACLU of New Mexico filed an official human rights complaint saying an Allsup's Convenience Store in Santa Fe violated 22-year-old Jordan McDowell's human rights.

The group says the Xavier University student, who was in the state studying Native American culture, was discriminated against in August when a clerk at the store called the police on him while he was shopping for snacks.

A video captured part of what happened, in which the employee can be heard saying that McDowell was being "arrogant and black."

"It's 2018, this can't be happening," said McDowell. "It makes me shut down. Am I really not wanted here? Not just in this gas station, here in America."

When police arrived, they said McDowell had done nothing wrong and apologized to him.

What happened to McDowell is one of several incidents caught on camera that involves the police being called on people of color in day-to-day life.

Similar videos have gone viral on social media and have resulted in popular nicknames for those making the calls, like "Permit Patty," who called police on an 8-year-old girl for selling bottled water without a permit. There is also "BBQ Becky," who called police on two men grilling in a park.

McDowell said instances like these happen simply because of skin color.

"I feel that though people look as us as intimidating, it's further from the truth," McDowell said.