Residents in Covington say a blighted property in their neighborhood is infested with raccoons and opossums and they're tired of waiting on the city to do something about it.

Kim Callahan has called Lee Road home for most of her life. Over the last 10 years she says something in her neighborhood has changed.

"This house right here," Callahan said, pointing to the blighted property on the street. She says raccoons and opossums are taking over.

"It's ridiculous, it's aggravating, you can't even come out of your house at night time and I'm sick of it," Callahan said.

Sarah Penn lives two houses down and thinks the uninvited pests are damaging her home by taking insulation out of her roof.

"I mean this is ridiculous," Penn said. "Who wants to live like this?"

Carl Perkins, who identified himself as the property owner's brother, came by while WWL-TV was interviewing residents. He said he's going to renovate the property. He also thinks the critters might not be coming from the vacant property.

"I have no idea where the animals are coming from, they may be coming from the building, they may not," Perkins said.

Covington's Chief Administrative Officer said the property owner has two weeks to file a permit to either renovate the house or demolish it. If not, the case goes to the Mayor's Court.

Perkins says he has plans for the house in the works.

"I've contacted the city about a building permit to renovate the property," Perkins said.

For now neighbors will be watching and waiting for something to happen.

"This is dangerous, Penn said. "This is a hazard to our community to our street."