More headaches on Bourbon Street just months after construction to upgrade pipes underneath the road was thought to be over. Crews are now tearing up the 100 block of the popular thoroughfare after a sewer pipe, that was incorrectly connected to a drainage line under the street, backed up and flooded a bathroom at the True Religion store.

According to the city, crews are removing one of the concrete panels that make up the road and a 10-foot section of the sidewalk.

“If you do it right the first time, why would you have to keep going over, and over and over?” said Reggie Dove who lives nearby.

This kind of problem is similar to other issues crews saw during the first phase of the project but the city says these pipes were missed because they were believed to be out of use and didn’t show up on official records. The work is only supposed to take a week but area business owners, like John Barrett who managers the Alibi, are skeptical.

“I’ve lived here my whole life and a week turns into two months,” said Barrett. “It’s never a week.”

During the original project, the bar got hit pretty hard especially when it came to to-go orders, according to Barrett.

“When they block off Bourbon Street, it blocks off Iberville and we can’t get to-go delivers which is a big percentage of our business,” said Barrett.

Bourbon Street isn’t the only road with closures. A portion of nearby Burgundy is also shut down for repairs on a unrelated project. While many are frustrated, others understand the troubles that comes with an old city.

“It’s an old city,” said Travis Stutsman who lives in the neighborhood. “You can’t fix everything all at once. As long as the city is doing something about it, that’s the important thing.”

The first phase of the pipe repair project covered roughly four blocks of Bourbon. It was expected to cost $6 million. When it wrapped up in January it was more than $10 million. This current repair project is expected to cost $25,000.

To prevent a similar problem from happening again, the city says any pipes that do not appear on record will be inspected.