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'The pain will go on forever' mother of slain NOPD officer reacts to guilty verdict

Mother of NOPD officer responds guilty verdict for his killer

NEW ORLEANS — In a Wednesday press conference, New Orleans District Attorney Jason Williams and NOPD Superintendent Shaun Ferguson praised the guilty verdict for a man convicted of murdering a police officer. 

NOPD Officer Marcus McNeil's mother, Kimberly McNeil, stood beside the city officials and spoke, in part, to her feelings of relief and lingering despair after the trial of the man accused of killing her son. 

"I'm so glad this trial is over," Kimberly McNeil said. "But unfortunately the pain that is left for us to carry will go on forever."

A jury found Darren Bridges guilty of first-degree murder against NOPD officer Marcus McNeil, who was killed while on-duty in 2017.  

District Attorney Jason Williams said the other side's case, which argued that Officer McNeil used excessive force against Bridges was false. 

"The defense argued that Marcus used excessive force on Darren Bridges, but that was a lie," D.A. Williams said. "The facts were very clear that Marcus was doing his job right." 

Williams also said that Bridges drew his weapon first and the officer only used a taser as an attempt to disarm the man.

The incident happened while McNeil was patrolling what police had believed was a notorious drug-dealing corridor in New Orleans East. 

Police say that McNeil tried to use a taser to stop Bridges as he tried to get away but was shot and killed by Bridges. 

Kimberly McNeil thanked the DA office's attorneys for prosecuting her family's case against the man convicted of murdering her son.

Police Chief Shaun Ferguson shared personal memories of Officer McNeil, referring to the murdered officer as, "Milk Dud." 

D.A. Williams also shared some of his thoughts on McNeil's positive reputation in the police force, including the origin of Milk Dud.

"The name 'Milk Dud' came from a person (McNeil) arrested," Williams said. "That tells you everything you need to know about him." 

Bridges is now facing a life sentence, according to D.A. Williams. His official sentencing will not be held until November.

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