NEW ORLEANS – There have been numerous difficulties with the power-generating turbines at the Sewerage and Water Board’s main plant. Now with just two weeks left before the official end of hurricane season, there has been another setback.

When heavy rains flooded the city on August 5, the situation was made worse by a lack of power at the Sewerage and Water Board’s main plant. Several electricity-generating turbines were out of commission, the WWL-TV Down the Drain team discovered.

Among the turbines that were out for repairs was Turbine number 3. A couple of weeks later, the interim management team assured the city that that turbine was back up and running.

However, that is not the case anymore.

Turbine 3 tripped up as it was being brought up and the team is out working on it.

At a special City Council meeting held last Tuesday, no additional questions were asked about what was going on with the turbine, but employees told WWL-TV that the machinery suffered far more than just a tripped breaker. Sources say the turbine is still out of commission and the repairs will be extensive.

While the meeting last week quickly turned to other pressing topics including billing, workforce and lack of leadership, Sewerage and Water Board interim manager Paul Rainwater did provide a broad characterization of the massive infrastructure issues facing the utility.

“This system has been in perpetual emergency for quite some time now. It operates on an emergency basis almost daily,” Rainwater said.

WWL-TV asked the Sewerage and Water Board for answers on the repair of the turbine but have not received a response at the time of this post.