NEW ORLEANS -- The so called "Old City" isn't the only part of New Orleans with drainage problems.

The spotlight has been on the Lakeview, Mid-City and Broadmoor neighborhoods, but there are also broken pumps in Lower Coast Algiers on the west bank and New Orleans East.

Thursday morning, contractors were at Pumping Station Number 11 in Algiers, not far from the English Turn subdivision, where two out of five drainage pumps are currently out of order.

Paul D. Rogers lives a few blocks away on Bryson Street. He says he wasn't aware his local pump station was on the New Orleans Sewerage and Water Board's list for known critical maintenance needs.

"We ain't been having any serious water problem out here, but by it being broken, it needs to be fixed, for sure, just in case," Rogers said.

Rogers added he's been following what's happening across the river where residents maintain broken pumps led to flooding problems in recent weeks.

He fears the same could happened in Algiers.

"With the catch basins all being jammed up and all the pumps that's not working, quite naturally, the water got to go somewhere," Rogers said. "We might end up with it."

Pumping Stations 15, 20 and 22 in New Orleans East also have broken pumps.

The parking lot of Russell Vucinovich's restaurant on Michoud Boulevard now takes on water every time there's a heavy rain.

He blames the diminished drainage capacity in his neighborhood.

"We've been neglected," Vucinovich said. "I've been here 39 years it's the worst I even seen it besides Katrina. It's the worst we ever seen it."

The Sewerage and Water Board is now in the process of hiring private contractors to fix all of the broken drainage pumps. The board hopes that all of the pumps will be repaired by the end of hurricane season.

"We need the pumps fixed," Vucinovich said. "We need them to stay after their people and keep them working."

According to the Sewerage and Water Board, there is no firm date yet as to when some of the broken pumps will be fixed and back in service.

Work is now underway at the Lower Coast Algiers pump station.

The Sewerage and Water board is reviewing its options in New Orleans East.