NEW ORLEANS — It's a cycle we seem to be seeing more often: Flood, repair, repeat. Flood, repair, repeat. After Monday's flooding, Tuesday is yet another day of repairs.

"Sweep up, hose off," said porter, Marc Carter, who was cleaning outside The Avenue Pub.

While he just had to clean outside the business, cleaning crews were inside Heirloom Furnishings down the street. 

"As soon as the water received below the sandbag level, they were here," said manager, Karl Adams, about the quick response he saw from Prestige Cleaning Services.

Several inches of water pushed inside, but Adams said he still feels lucky. He reopened right away as crews finished cleaning up. 

"I have a couple rugs that need to be cleaned, but that's it, the furniture all seems to be fine," Adams said. 

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Down the street at The Remedy Room, cleanup and repairs will take a little longer. 

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"We put the sandbags out, but it did not matter, the water was coming through the walls", said Dr. Mignonne Mary at The Remedy Room. "It's like the same thing over again where we're going to be out of business because of the repair work that has to happen."

The Remedy Room is in this building on St. Charles Avenue with several businesses and apartments.

"In the last six weeks, we've flooded twice," said Alex Russell with Russell Construction.

Russell was hired last month to fix up the building after the July 10 flood. 

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"We just put the last piece of baseboard here yesterday around 4 o'clock," he said. 

Unfortunately, just as they finished up that month long project, water starting coming back into the building.

"Everybody's really sad. Everybody. Not just the business owners, but as a contractor, I'm sad as well," Russell said. 

He is already ripping up the walls and getting ready to start over. 

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"All over again, yes," Russell said. "I need to rip off all the baseboards, rip off all the drywall, and probably going to be here another three or four weeks."

While these businesses are reopening after cleanup, they're all desperate for a change to keep this from happening over and over.

"Just very sad about doing the same job twice in six weeks and we don't see the city doing much," Russell said. 

Most businesses that flooded appeared to have opened back up Tuesday. The Remedy Room hopes to reopen Wednesday, but with construction starting again soon, they're not sure what business in their near future will look like. 

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