New Orleans, LA -- Duncan Plaza turned into a rally against the proposed Entergy power plant in New Orleans East today.

“These people have come to speak out and to make their voice heard that this is not necessary, this is not wanted, and we believe that it is going to have some very negative effects upon our community,” says Rev. Gregory T. Manning, the pastoral leader of Justice and Beyond.

Dozens of people came out to protest the idea, including the group Justice and Beyond

“We want city council to know that Entergy does have a lot of power, figuratively and literally, but we have the opportunity to move forward as a city and not backward.” Manning continued, “We believe that natural gas and fossil fuel energy is a step backward.”

Entergy says the city needs this new power plant, but people here don’t agree.

Tuyet Tran, lives in New Orleans East and is worried about her health. She says, “every time we talk about power issues, we talk about environmental issues, health issues, etc.”

But, she is also concerned about who pays for it.

The power plant would cost about 210 million dollars and tax payers would be the ones paying for it.

“If they expect us to pay for it then let us have the voice to say what we want,” but above all, Tran wants to feel safe in her home. “We want to stay in New Orleans East, and I would like to die there as well, but I don't want to have to move out to another city because of this issue.”

In the end, it’s up to City Council who will vote on the issue Thursday, March 8.