NEW ORLEANS -- The owner of a bike tour company is wondering what’s next after he says patrons were struck by a driver Saturday afternoon.

In a video shot by Ryan Bergeron, owner of Free Wheelin’ Bike Tours in the French Quarter, he explained how several of his patrons were run over by a car while on a bike tour.

“We were parked right here waiting to go through a red light and this lady as you can see 30 feet before the intersection slow rolled into a group of people, took three people out,” he explained in the video.

Videos showed bikes mangled under a car. Bergeron said a woman ran over several tourists on a bike tour at the corner of Roosevelt and Canal streets Saturday just before 4:30 p.m.

Jonathan Jamison was the tour guide leading that group and explained he had stopped the group in the yellow triangle area at the intersection preparing to cross the street.

“We stopped at a red light, we were almost in, it had been a great tour,” he explained. “We didn’t even hear the car coming -- she just started rolling on us. We were banging on the car as she was rolling over the bikes. There was no stopping, just a blank stare on her face.”

It ended with one woman taken to the hospital with minor injuries. Bergeron said his issue is with responding NOPD officers.

Bergeron pleaded with the NOPD officer in the video saying, “Shouldn’t she be given a field sobriety test, should she not? She ran over three bikes. So you’re going to let her go with no field sobriety test?”

He said the questions didn’t stop there.

“If he wasn’t in the car writing his report, he was talking to her,” Bergeron said. “He never once came over to us to ask if we’re ok, the tour riders, the tour guide, any of the bystanders, taking accounts of what happened, that didn’t happen.”

He believes the officer should have done more and explained after being on the scene for nearly three hours the officer allowed the woman to leave.

Bergeron said the woman left more than the wreck, she left behind an injured woman and thousands of dollars in damages.

“There we go, NOPD at its best,” said Bergeron.

Police said they are investigating the accident, but could not comment on how the investigation was handled.