Residents in Kenner noticed their Entergy bills are suddenly more than 300 percent higher this month.

When they reached out to Entergy Louisiana, they were told the bills were accurate and they would have to pay up.

"I asked to speak with a supervisor and she would not allow me to speak with a supervisor, I felt as though they were non-sympathetic," Carla Leleaux said about her experience calling Entergy Louisiana trying to get answers about her bill, which went from $120 to $486.

Another resident asked Entergy to open an investigation into her bill and she got a letter in return that said: "Per your request we've investigated your account and determined the reading on your bill is accurate."

Given the sudden jump, residents can't believe that's the case.

"Obviously we all have issues that are abnormal and we need help because we're getting the run around," Leleaux said.

WWL-TV sent copies of the bills to an Entergy Louisiana spokesperson and received a statement that said: "Our goal is to provide each of our customers with accurate bills. We will further investigate these customers' accounts and work to ensure that their bills accurately reflect the amount of electricity consumed. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused our customers."

But with some of their bills due as soon as Tuesday, Entergy customers are left waiting for the issue to get resolved.

"I just don't know what I'm going to do, I'm going to be living off candles," Nelda Rolling said.

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