NEW ORLEANS- Entergy has cut financial support of WBOK 1230AM radio after they didn't like the station's coverage of the new plant in New Orleans East, according to a statement released by the company on Tuesday.

Tuesday, WBOK responded saying that the check had already been deposited before Entergy canceled it. Susan Henry, the station's General Manager informed WWL-TV that the station tried negotiating with Entergy.

WBOK says the funds from Entergy New Orleans is five percent of the station's annual operating budget.

WBOK added that they are disheartened when giant corporations attempt to use the "almighty dollar" to silence the free press.

The full statement is below:

PressRelease-Entergy by WWLTVWebteam on Scribd

Entergy responded to WBOK's statement, arguing that WBOK's continued "misrepresentation of facts" and multiple Entergy matters have led to the decision to discontinue the partnership.

Entergy's statement is below:

Entergy New Orleans has been a WBOK sponsor over recent years. The continued misrepresentation of facts and discussion of untruths about multiple Entergy matters recently have driven the decision to decline the interview and discontinue the partnership.