NATALBANY, La. – In the small town of Natalbany, family and neighbors gathered near a car where two men were found shot to death Thursday morning.

"It's a bad dream right now," said Marlene Mitchell, who identified one of the victims as her nephew, 31-year-old Charleston Mitchell.

"Unbelievable,” she said. “It's a bad dream, it's a bad dream."

Neighbors, friends, and family looked on as police tried to piece together the overnight shooting. Around 3:30 a.m., police found an SUV parked on the side of the Haynes Road near a small church. The window was shattered, and inside, two men were shot to death.

"We are canvassing the neighborhood going door to door trying to find anyone who might have seen something or heard something," said Daniel Edwards, Tangipahoa Sheriff.

Edwards said deputies are still searching for suspects involved in the case. They're trying to figure out what the victims may have been doing before ending up on Haynes road late last night.

"Very uncommon, I don't remember working a homicide here in this area in quite some time,” said Edwards. “Certainly a tragedy but something we are going to work on day and night until we get this solved."

As the Louisiana State Police crime lab processed the scene, Mitchell could barely process the death of a young father.

"He was friends with everyone, made everyone laugh,” said Mitchell. “Now he leaves some small children fatherless. I love him. I wish he could get up.”

Sheriff’s officials identified the other victim was 31-year-old Randy Bickham of Springfield, La.