NEW ORLEANS – A large battery of crime cameras, FBI monitoring of social media, large bollards to prevent vehicles from getting down crowded streets and an increase in traffic and parking restrictions highlight the safety measure being taken as the city counts down to Mardi Gras, officials announced Tuesday.

Speaking from the city’s Real Time Crime Center, which highlights dozens of monitors of real-time crime cameras, officials laid out the plans to keep Carnival season safe.

The FBI said it would be monitoring social media for any possible threats, none of which they know of at this time.

The New Orleans Police Department will be “100 percent staffed” with officers working “12-hour shifts” and those officers will be supplemented by officers from State Police, Tulane University Police, Kenner Police, the Jefferson Parish and St. John the Baptist Parish sheriff’s offices.

The large battery of crime cameras had police chief Michael Harrison warning that if you are on the parade route, you should assume you are being watched.

The officials also offered the following advice:

  • Closed tents are not allowed on parade routes at all
  • Ladders cannot be placed in position more than 24 hours before a parade. Those in violation will be removed and disposed of.
  • Ladders, grills and tents cannot be closer than 6 feet from the curb
  • Those items can also not be placed in intersections
  • Sweeps of illegally parked cars along the parade routes will take place 2 hours before parade start times
  • Parade goers are not allowed to throw items back at the floats
  • K9 explosive units will be out in force
  • Traffic will be restricted along the backsides of parades