NEW ORLEANS – Hundreds gathered at Crescent Park to walk with the NO/Aids Task Force in New Orleans.

The day started with big flags, sequence and marching.

Rodney Thoulion, development director of the NO/Aids Task Force said that he was excited about the turnout and said that the walk is one of the organization’s big fundraisers of the year.

“My goal is that people walk away with this the knowledge that HIV and AIDS in this community; to make people live long happier lives,” Thoulion said.

Lauren Wethers, a participant in the walk, said that she believes it is a great cause to bring awareness to and raise money for.

“This is something that even though we are making a lot of strides and medication is still much better than it used to be, we still need to move forward. That's what we need to work against, so that's why I wanted to be here today,” Wethers said.

Wethers said that she is not from New Orleans, but is happy to experience the culture of the city.

“I am from St. Louis, which is pretty divisive right now, so anything that brings people together is pretty great for me to see. Especially here,” Wethers said.

Amanda McKnight, another participant of the walk, said that it was nice to see others coming together for the cause.

“I think just seeing the community come together. There's kids, there's older people, there's young people, all together to really support an organization that does amazing things in the city,” McKnight said.

Her second favorite part was the location of the walk.

“How can you pass up being by the Mississippi? It's just the best view you can have,” McKnight said.

“It's been great for us to be here near the river, with the city behind us. NO/Aids Task Force actually began in this neighborhood so we are glad to be back in our roots in the city,” Thoulion said

More information on the NO/Aids Task Force can be found here.