Every night, the same woman calls the WWL-TV News Desk asking for the winning lottery numbers.

“Goodnight to you, can I get the 3-pick and the 4-pick?”

She’s polite, straight to the point and -- until today -- anonymous. That’s because my caller won the lottery.

I know because I was on the phone with her when it happened. The conversation went something like this:

“Good night, can I get the 3-pick and the 4-pick?”

Sure, hold on… 2-2-1 and the Pick 4 is 1-9-6-7.


Yes ma’am.

“I’m RICH!” *click*

I couldn’t believe it! Had this been our nightly routine for a year? Two years? More? And she finally won.

Her picture is on the Louisiana Lottery website as a winner. Three women won the Pick 4 that night, so I'm not sure which one she is, but I'm happy for all of them even if I've only got a connection with one.

The couple thousand dollars you get from winning the Pick 4 might not make her "rich," but if you were on that phone call you’d know that a prayer had been answered. And what better time for that than right before Christmas?

She hasn’t called back since she won. She might never call back again. Winning the lottery changes people, right? But even though she doesn’t need the numbers anymore, I hope she’ll call the news desk some night to let me know that winning the Pick 4 was everything she dreamed it would be.