NEW ORLEANS – After President Donald Trump signed an executive order temporarily banning refugees, and immigrants from seven countries, some local college students are thinking twice about traveling.

"If I had any plans to go outside the country I would definitely have canceled them because of my dual citizenship,” Summer, an Iranian-American and Loyola University Student. “I wouldn't know how that would affect me."

As an American, Summer isn't as worried about being prevented from coming home, but that's the fear others have to deal with.

"I have friends, I have family, and it does affect them and that's sad because they came here for a better opportunity and for a better life," said Sabrine Mohamad, another student at Loyola.

From Loyola to the University of New Orleans (UNO), administrators and fellow students are working to help those affected.

"We haven't been in this situation before, but there have been a lot of hotlines and numbers that have been circulating," said Farah Alkhafaf, Muslim Student Association at UNO.

Alkhafaf is worried that some fellow students could see all their hard work could go to waste if they leave and can't come back.

"This is the point of coming to college or a university; to expand your knowledge besides the little limited perspective that we see in front of us today," said Alkhafaf.

What's unfolding is becoming a history lesson that Dr. Mehrooz Moazami, once a refugee who fled from Iran, didn't think he would have to teach.

"It's something that has been approved by the 1951 Geneva Convention, whoever is persecuted in his place of living has the right to come to a different country," he said.

President Trump has refused to back down from his order, but students of all backgrounds say they'll be there for those in need.

"We defend each other we're accepting of each other, and I think diversity, inclusion, and respect is what makes America great," said Rana Tabatha, Loyola student.

So far, Tulane University and the Loyola University have both issued statements condemning the President's order. They're also advising affected students to be very aware of their rights, and to have their documents as they travel abroad.