JEFFERSON PARISH- Zoning changes are on the way to the Jefferson Parish School District.

That means around 200 students will be going to new schools next year. The school board voted unanimously in favor of the change in a school board meeting Wednesday night.

"We had a great public hearing. We had a few really good questions from some of the staff at the schools, and no objections from the public about it," Mark C. Morgan, President of the Jefferson Parish School Board said.

The 5 elementary schools affected on the Eastbank of Jefferson Parish include:

- J.C. Ellis Elementary

- Elle Dolhonde Elementary

- Bridgedale Elementary

- Alice Birney Elementary

- Harold Keller Elementary

School officials say 100 students will be re-zoned to Keller Elementary, 50 will go to Bridgedale Elementary and 50 will be re-zoned Dolhonde Elementary.

Morgan says the changes are happening because of population shifts and changes in the facilities.

"One of these was caused by the addition of six brand new classrooms at a campus which allowed some of the overcrowding because of population shifts at one school to move to a new facility," Morgan said.

"I'm not for it," Jefferson Parish resident Mona Bocage said.

Bocage's 10-year-old granddaughter, Anaya Kent, is in the fourth grade at J.C. Ellis Elementary and will be affected the zoning revisions. Bocage says she's worried not only about transportation, but the fact that her daughter has been at the same school since the first grade.

"And then, I don't want it to interfere with her grades. She's doing pretty good," Bocage said.

"We always provide transportation to all student at all schools. So, if we tell you you're in a district and you have to go to this school, then you'll get transported to that school," Morgan said.

The zoning changes will take place at the start of the 2018-2019 school year.