UPDATE: On closer inspection the Corps of Napoleon parade in Jefferson Parish has now decided to wait a little longer before deciding whether to move from Sunday to Fat Tuesday. Parades are in flux in JP because of washout conditions predicted in the weather forecast.

METAIRIE -- Jefferson Parish parades rolling this weekend have the option to move due to heavy rain and thunderstorms in the forecast.

The National Weather Service expects heavy rain on both Saturday and Sunday, so weekend krewes in Jefferson Parish will have the option to move to Friday or Monday if they don't want to parade in the rain.

Parades set to roll Saturday will have until Friday morning to decide whether they will move or not.

Corps de Napoleon originally reported that they would move to Tuesday and roll after Argus, but now says they will wait until Friday to make that decision. The Krewe of Centurions moved up their roll time by half an hour Friday, making room for another krewe to roll after them if necessary.

Orleans Parish leaders said Tuesday they will not make changes to the parade schedules in the city for the rest of this week and the weekend.

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