Attorneys for Chris Roberts, the embattled former Jefferson Parish Councilmember, put in a motion Wednesday to delay his trial, saying they have not had enough time for "discovery and pretrial motions." 

On April 30, Chris Roberts resigned from the Jefferson Parish Council, just as a federal investigation into his reported financial issues was coming to a head. Eleven days later, on May 9, he was indicted on 29 charges, including wire fraud (22 charges) and tax evasion (7 counts).  

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Roberts' pre-trial conference is set for June 20 and his trial is set for July 29. 

His attorney Edward Castaing, however, filed the motion that says in part:

"The parties have not yet had sufficient time to engage in discovery and pretrial motions, and will need substantial additional time to do so, in addition to prepare adequately for trial in this voluminous and complex document-intensive case."

Federal Judge Wendy Vitter, who is presiding over the trial, is likely to grant the delay. 

Roberts is currently free on bond.

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