In less than a month, Jefferson Parish voters will be choosing their new sheriff.

The race is a big one, with voters picking the successor to Newell Normand, who was first elected in 2007. Before Normand, Harry Lee had been the sheriff since 1979.

"It's a hotly contested race, I think it could be very close," said Clancy DuBos, WWL-TV's political analyst. "It really comes down to who is the better candidate and who has the better organization."

For the last 30 years, it's always been a landslide victory.

"This is a very important race," DuBos said. "Sheriffs tend to get elected, so the person who wins this race has a very good chance of serving 20-30 years like Harry Lee just about did."

Political ads can be seen just about everywhere in Jefferson Parish.

"This is when the long knives come out," DuBos said. "Both of these guys are good guys, neither one of them is a Darth Vader, but they both want this job. So they are going to attach each other's record. They are going to compare records, they are going to accuse each other of things. That is going to intensify. It has already reached a critical point. It's going to get worse before it gets better."

DuBos is expecting a low voter turnout, so in the end, he thinks this race boils down to one thing.

"In JP, it's all about whose voter's are more motivated to go out to the polls and cast ballots on March 24," he said.